An exclusive Jump XL By Boaz opens in Ede

05 Feb, 2021

The facility in Ede is located on Geerweg in a brand new building. The park is basically a high-quality Jump XL park, but the design and layout were created in collaboration with Boaz van Boggelen

The Ede branch is located on Geerweg in a brand new building. The park is a high-quality Jump XL park, but the design and layout were created in collaboration with Boaz van Boggelen

From 05-02-2021, indoor trampoline park Jump XL by Boaz will open the doors of their new facility in Ede from 10:00 am. The opening was previously scheduled for January, but due to the nationwide lockdown, this opening has obviously been postponed as well. The branch in Ede is already the Jump XL chain's 16th trampoline park, but the first branch in collaboration with one of the Netherlands' biggest influencers Boaz van Boggelen.

Boaz, with nearly 560,000 YouTube subscribers and 440,000 followers on Instagram, is one of the Netherlands' biggest influencers and his biggest hobby is trampoline jumping. 'It's like a boyhood dream come true to now open my own trampoline park, which I helped develop from design to implementation!' says Van Boggelen beaming. Photos of Boaz have been used in the park's design, but also of 3 of his best jump-buddies who are also known from Boaz's videos.

The trampoline park will be open 7 days a week with extra generous opening hours during school holidays and special time slots for children aged 1.5 to 6 in mornings. In the more than 1,250 m² park, there is much more to do than just regular trampoline jumping. For example, the park has several zones, such as the Main Court, the Sports Zone, the Challenge Zone and even an Extreme Zone. Each Zone features a mix of trampoline-related attractions; a BigAirBag©, a crazy Twister and a Foampit with Slack Line and Battle Beam. For more experienced jumpers or freerunners, there are even a Ninja Cours, High-performance trampolines and a 'Walk Wall'. In short, there is something for every age or level.


First in the Netherlands: the Super Slide

Jump XL Ede by Boaz is not only special because of its unique park design, but also because they are the first Trampoline Park in the Netherlands to have a Super Slide. This is a metre-high, steep slide where you fly up a bit more at the bottom. 'When you stand at the top of this slide for the first time, even experienced thrillseekers like me have to swallow before you let yourself slide down,' says Van Boggelen. However, visitors need not worry about their safety, as the attraction is safety-tested and certified just like the rest of the park.


At Jump XL Ede, you will also find the VALO Jump. This attraction is a unique mix of fun and exercise as the jumper physically participates in a computer game. There is a large computer screen with a camera in front of the trampoline so the participant sees himself live in the computer game. Jump over the digital obstacles, dive away and be the fastest to reach the next level. Through various games and training apps, the VALO Jump is suitable for players of all ages, sizes and skill levels.

A day out with Jump XL

With this large Jump XL park, people from the Ede area get a complete 'Day Out'. Thanks to the dozens of Jump attractions and the extensive catering facilities, visitors will certainly be able to enjoy themselves for half a day. Jumping is open to everyone from 7 years of age and there are special "Mini-Jump" hours for toddlers (1.5-6 years). Free Jumping is available from € 13.99 per person including special non-slip jumping socks. But Jump XL does not only focus on fun-jumpers. Jump XL also organises Jump Fit training sessions and a JumpScool course where you can learn all kinds of trampoline tricks. "After all, trampolining is not only fun, it is also a perfect way to stay healthy and fit," states Van Geest, CEO of the Jumpsquare Group of which this park is part. There is also a range of packages for children's parties, bachelor parties and corporate events.


The popularity of trampoline parks

The origins of large-scale indoor trampoline parks lie in America, where "jumping" has been hugely popular for some time. The combination of fun and sports appeals to a wide audience. Jump XL is a Dutch chain of high-quality trampoline parks whose first facility opened in 2014 in Waalwijk. In 2019, Jump XL was acquired and became part of the Jumpsquare Group, together with Jumpsquare's parks, the vast majority of trampoline parks in the Netherlands are managed by the Jumpsquare Group.

Other Jump XL branches can be found in: Eindhoven, Oisterwijk, Waalwijk, Spijkenisse, Amersfoort, Hengelo, The Hague, Groningen and Eersel. In addition, Jump XL can also be found in Sambreville and Brussels, Belgium, Braunschweig, Germany, and Valenciennes, Nantes and Paris-Gennevilliers, France.