Acquisition Jumpsquare Rijswijk

12 Oct, 2022

Jumpsquare Group, the parent company behind the Jumpsquare formula, has acquired 100% of
the shares of the franchise trampoline park located in Rijswijk (Z-H).

At the beginning of 2018, Jumpsquare Rijswijk opened the largest indoor trampoline park in South
Holland with over 1,500 m2. In mid-2020, another more than 700m2 Airpark with numerous
attractions has been added. Over the years Jumpsquare Rijswijk has grown into one of the best
performing trampoline parks within the Jumpsquare Group.

Quote Roland van Geest (CEO Jumpsquare Group): “We are very pleased that we can continue
the activities of Jumpsquare Rijswijk and first of all we would like to welcome all employees within
our Group. Our franchise partners Dennis and Wendy van Leeuwen have realized a fantastic park
and made it a great commercial success. We are grateful to them for the confidence they have
placed in our Group in transferring the park to us.”

In total, the Group operates 33 trampoline parks in 4 countries, both under Jumpsquare and under
the Jump XL formula. Within the Netherlands, this is a total of 22 locations, where after the
acquisition of Jumpsquare Rijswijk 18 parks are under own management and four via franchise